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*Integrated Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Massage for Lower Body Conditions (16 hours, 16 CE’s Part 1 of 4***)
James Waslaski 
Classes may be registered for individually (4 CE each), however,
***Participants must take all 4 classes to qualify for “Lower body portion of Integrated Manual Therapy Certification”.Participants will use modalities such as functional assessment, myofascial release, posturology, neuromuscular therapy, scar tissue immobilization, myoskeletal alignment, P.N.F. stretching and strengthening in a very precise order.  This unique presentation will address the clinical approach to assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the lumbar spine, hip, SI joint, pelvis and conditions in the lower extremity immediately and permanently. Lower Body Conditions addressed are; Low Back Pain, sciatica, SI Joint Pain, Frozen Hips, Bulging Discs, Patella femoral pain, Patella Tendinosis, Chondromalacia, IT Band Friction Syndrome, fixated Posterior Fibular Head Pain, Abnormal Knee Rotation, Medial and Lateral Collateral Ligament Sprains, Medial and Lateral Meniscus tears, ACL & PCL Sprains, Hamstring Strains, Popliteal Pain, plantaris Strains, plantarfasciitis, Achilles tendinosis, posterior medial shin pain, anterior lateral shin pain, anterior lateral compartment syndrome, fallen arches, hyper-pronated feet, ankle sprains and strains, bunions, hammer toes, neuromas, and joint arthritis.
Myofascial Release Massage, Part II, Lower Body (20 hours, 20 CE’s – All 5 classes are required for credit)
Krissy Viccione
***Myofascial Release Massage, Part I, Upper Body is a pre-requisite.  Myofascial constrictions in the lower body are just as enervating as they are elsewhere in the body and they distort the way people stand, walk, and move.  This workshop will build on and expand the knowledge you gained in the Myofascial Release Massage, Upper Body course.  By the end of the class you will know the difference this work makes to the lower body alone, and the difference it can make to the entire body.  You’ll feel more relaxed, more grounded, more graceful and probably taller.  The course will include a hands-on review of all the strokes you learned in the Part I course.
CranioSacral Therapy: The Role in Treating Low Back Dysfunctions (16 hours, 16 CE’s – all parts required)
Mariann Sisco

As the structure surrounding the brain and spinal cord, the craniosacral system is in a central position to affect health and dysfunction.  Treating low back pain and dysfunction is central to many massage therapy practices.  Learn to evaluate and treat the craniosacral components that may be causing, or contributing, to your client’s low back dysfunction.  You’ll learn how to develop the light-touch palpation skills that bring about profound results.
Thai Foot Reflexology (4 CE’s)
Jeanne Coleman

This workshop will cover theory of foot reflexology as well as basic Techniques of foot massage. Students will learn a complete sequence of Thai Foot massage, which is the “ultimate” in relaxation.Topics include:

  • Warm up techniques for the feet
  • Stimulation of 36 reflex points on the feet that correspond to all areas of the body. This is performed the “Thai” way – using a smooth, wooden stick (included with class)

Reiki I (8CE’s – 2 parts, both required)
Susan Coffey

Reiki is an ancient healing modality that works with the body’s chakra system or energy field. It has become increasingly accepted in Western medicine as an alternative healing modality. It is now widely used in hospitals for pain management and with oncology patients for its positive effect on pain, nausea, insomnia, anxiety and depression.  In my work with Hospice, I find that I use Reiki with almost every patient.

In Reiki I, students learn the history and application of Reiki including hand placements. Additionally, students will practice and learn self-reiki, an amazing form of self-care. The class includes a treatment exchange and attunement.

Doug Nelson, President Elect of the Massage Therapy Foundation, is presenting three different classes for us!!
The Mystery of Pain (4 CE’s); Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT) for the Arm and Hand (4CE’s) & Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT) Shoulder (8 CE’s)

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