Prenatal Massage Therapy Safety Essentials Workshop

May 15, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 am

“Prenatal Massage Therapy Safety Essentials”

We are offering this fantastic 1 day workshop with David Lobenstine on May 15, 2022 from 9:00-5:00 for 7 CE Credits.

With more and more expectant women enhancing their pregnancy experience with massage therapy, you need to know the essentials:

  • What are the normal physiological and functional changes women experience?
  • How do I safely and comfortably support her position on my therapy table?
  • What kinds of adaptations to my usual techniques should I make to cause no harm?
  • What are the signs of medical complications in pregnancy?

This one-day face-to-face workshop is where many MTs get started in prenatal massage therapy. By featuring each body system’s normal prenatal adaptations, we give you both the WHY and HOW of prenatal MT safety basics. If you need a solid foundation for working with a woman who is having a normal, low-risk, uncomplicated pregnancy, this is the introductory workshop for you.

What will you learn?

  1. Normal prenatal adaptations for all body systems
  2. How to recognize when something goes wrong and appropriate responses
  3. Common musculoskeletal and other complaints
  4. Technique, pressure, speed, and location precautions/contraindications
  5. How autonomic sedation supports healthier moms and babies
  6. Positioning options for each trimester
  7. Draping principles and practice
  8. Principles for determining the safety of any MT technique in pregnancy