We are looking for a few volunteers to help with member committees. Our chapter is growing so let’s keep it up. Volunteers are needed for mailing out information to new members and future members and also to help out with school visits. Contact us if you’re interested.

Members’ Anniversary List

We want to recognize our members’ successes. Celebrate those who have been members of RIAMTA for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years! Congratulations for all you have accomplished! We wish you many more years of success.

  • Linda Jaros
  • Denise Plouffe
25 Years
  • Deborah Luhrs
  • Kathleen Wright

20 Years
  • Eileen Nowak
  • Randi Sherman

15 years
  • Hillary Adams
  • Margaret Blackmore
  • Paula Cardillo
  • Laurie Connors
  • Kimberly Krupowicz
  • Stacia LaCroix
  • Diane Myers
  • Nicole Toth

10 years
  • Jacqueline Binette Davis
  • Rita Casinelli
  • Federica Cavallaro
  • Holly Dobbs
  • Roberta Driscoll
  • Theresa Ferreira
  • Deana Hodell
  • Meredith MacDonald
  • Dorothy Radnor
  • Anthony Salemme
  • John Stacy
  • Joshua Sylvia
  • Susan Vartian

5 years
  • Tammy Buffery
  • Lorri Anne Deneault
  • Ellie Field
  • Katherine Gautreau
  • Rochelle Letourneau
  • Kimberly Lovett
  • Erin Marth
  • Anabela Mendonca
  • Amanda Moran
  • Jay Moran
  • Annette Murray
  • Lisa Pimental
  • Sarah Porada
  • Jennifer Ryall
  • Ashley Smith
  • Nancy Web
25 Years
  • Paulette Bernasky
  • Kathrin Katchpole

20 Years
  • Peggy Olson
  • Angela Paraskevakos
  • Joanne Sousa-Rodgers

15 years
  • Deborah Bouchard
  • Janice Connors-Bramble
  • Sandra Garcia
  • Melody Henderson
  • Mary Krieger
  • Kristi Maresco
  • Paulette McLaren
  • Michelle Neuner
  • Terrie Quinn
  • Jennifer Slick
  • Julie Van Noppen

10 years
  • Jennifer Bernardo
  • Mary Broomall
  • Michaele Colizza
  • Scott Collum
  • William Downing
  • Lori-Ann Gallant-Heilborn
  • Kimberly Gregorzek
  • Judith Harmon
  • Monique LaCroix
  • Holly Laird-Forsell
  • Andrea Lee
  • Adrian Lim
  • Janice Louth
  • John Mather
  • Lori Murphy
  • Susan Murphy
  • Nina Musacchio
  • Debbie Peacock
  • Carol Petisca
  • Patricia Pimental
  • Leonor Silva
  • Maureen Sweeney
  • Susan Vetri
  • Carolyn Wren

5 years
  • Kellie Ahl
  • Nancy Bergeron
  • Debbie Brown
  • Paula Caramadre
  • Deborah Champlin
  • Robin Conley
  • Bernice DeMello
  • Melanie Fernandez
  • William Fitzhugh
  • Tonja Freitas
  • Roger Godin
  • Edward Goll
  • Elizabeth Harrison
  • Andraly Horn
  • Abigail Jefferson
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Christine Kralicky
  • Lori Lawrence-Silva
  • Carolyn Machado
  • Caren Normandin
  • Shana Provost
  • Rade Radosevich
  • Jennifer Raimondi
  • Bonnie Ramsay
  • Nicole Robinson
  • Frances Rossoni
  • Joan Tarter-Van Hees
  • Alex Tatevian
  • Linda Tedeschi
  • Michelle Tolleson
  • Dawn Tremblay
  • Trisha Valcourt
  • Nancy Wilson
  • Sheryl-Ann Wood

20 Years

  • Jane F. Allard
  • Peggy G. Normandin
  • Megan Elaine Drew Tanzi

15 years
Nancy Gillooly Cheryl A. McGuinness
George L. Gray Jamie Joseph O’Connor
Robin A. Herud-Lee Wendy Pendergrass
Ann Marie Lagor Anna Sylvester
Joanne Lozy Stephanie A. Verity
Darlene Rosanne Machado

10 years
Diana M. Abatecola Patrick McGirr
Patricia Bachus Michelle A. Pellegrino-Huyler
Keesha C. Clark Susan Perrotta
Melissa Cotta Joan Renzi
Nancy R. Curran Melissa Theetge
Marie LaRochelle Lisa A. Valerio
Miladys D. Leblanc

5 years
Diane L. Adams Jessica Gumkowski
Lori C. Adams Carole Hesford
Kevin M. Anthony Rita LaVerne Holt
Andrey Atamanchuk Jennifer R. Johnson
Kyla Blackmore Keryn Kwan-Dickinson
Richard Blair, Jr. Lauren M. Laberge
Sharon Marie Borowick Andrea J. Lang
Catheleen Caddick Joanne M. Morrissey
Kelly Carpenter Rose M. Napoli
Cesar Cruz, Jr. Stacy A. Pozucek
Stacey Dyer Rayna Powers
Megan Fisher Kimberly A. Ruggieri-Lima
Vivian C. Fortier Heather Spink
Althea Alicia Gayle Joseph J. Swinski, III
Tabitha Gentry David L. Walsh
Megan Giammarco Nancy L. Wilson
Nancy J. Gomes Jessica G. Zimmerman

The “Hot Seat” Interviews

I would like our massage family to get to know each other better by publishing mini bios on our members. Why do I want to do this? First, it would be fun to know what kind of cool things my colleagues are doing. Second, it gives us a chance to network. This can help us if we have a client that we believe a different type of modality might help. Third, it helps to strengthen our sense of family and community.

In order for this to work I need your help. I’m requesting that you send me, via email/phone or 401-935-3549, the 30 second version of who, what, where, when, and your work/life motto. I will draw names lottery style based on the amount of space we have for print. One issue may have more than others. The information should be general and your contact information should be included. Please follow the format you see in our interviews.

Members’ Website listings

Members’ Committee Chair

Jennifer Wilkicki