House of Delegates

The following information is offered to help bring a better understanding of the importance of this process. Each of the statements that have been approved are here for you to use in your practice . The information is collected and reviewed by people like your Delegates. Use this link to view all AMTA approved position statements since 2006: This input is just one of the many ways AMTA’s Initiatives are formed directly by our members.

2016 HOD Meeting

No position statements or recommendations were brought forth for 2016.  The HOD meeting consisted of: voting in 2 new HOD board members, discussing the agenda, and breaking into groups to discuss what changes could be made when writing position statements and recommendations and other suggestions to improve the HOD.   Position statements and recommendations will remain in existence.  Discussions and ideas were brought before the governance committee and the national board of the AMTA.  If any changes are made, notifications will be sent to Chapter Presidents.

New HOD Board Members: 

  • Olivia Nagashima (HI)
  • Jessica Ferrer (NH)


  • Welcome Delegates
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • HODOC Report:
  • The report discussed last years recommendations on Model Journalist/Media Education and AMTA Human Trafficking Operational.
  • Position Statement Review Comission Update
  • Call to order and Roll Call
  • Adoption of Agenda and Rules of Procedure
  • Begin Collaborative discussion
  • Break
  • Evaluate the discussion
  • End of meeting

AMTA Position Statements

Why Position Statements Matter” an article by Greg Hurd of AMTA Massachusetts Chapter.

2015 Position Statements

Position Statement #1: Massage for Health and Wellness Motion passed.

Useful Links

National Delegates:

Jennifer Wilkicki (Senior Delegate)

Ellen Field (Junior Delegate)

Alternate Delegates:

Lynn Garvey (1st)

Mark McCarthy (2nd)

Roy Kenji Omori (3rd)

Joanne Lozy (4th)

Debbie Kilty (5th)


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