RI – National AMTA Award Recipients

 2016 Jerome Perlinski Teacher of the Year – Regina Cobb

2015 Chapter Meritorious – Debbie Kilty
2014 Chapter Meritorious – Kim Cook
2014 Give Chapters a Hand Award – AMTA-RI
2014 Sports Massage Achiever – LouAnn Botsford
2013 Chapter Meritorious – Joan Tarter-Van Hees & Pat Bachus for their team work on NERC
2013 National Humanitarian – Michaele Colizza
2013 Give Chapters a Hand Award – AMTA-RI
This award recognizes chapters for there hard work to comply with
National standard in meeting goals set for Deliverables and reporting, Government
Relations, newsletter, Community service, Sports, Social Media
2012 Chapter Meritorious – Frank Rapone

Awards Committee Chair

Joanne Lozy


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